Reunion Itinerary

  • Friday, July 9th
    • 7 – 9 pm – Setup at the new High School Auditorium
      • Hugs, Friendship and introductions
    • 9 pm to Close – Friendship and camaraderie at the Duck Inn (VFW)
  • Saturday, July 10th
    • 7 am – Noon –  Golf Tourney at the Randall Hills Country Club in Pickstown
    • 10 am – 4 pm – Pickstown Museum Open
    • 4 pm – Registration Opens – Southwest Auditorium Entrance
    • 4:15 pm – 6 pm – Tours of the new high school facilities
    • 5-6 pm – Social
    • 6 pm – Banquet and friendship
    • 9 pm – 1 am – Music and Dance or (just quiet time in the auxiliary auditorium)
  •  Sunday, July 11th
    • Noon – Picnic in the Lake Andes City Park
      • Friendship to follow


The setup for the reunion has been a tradition since the inception of the All School Reunion back in 1990. It is a great opportunity for classmates to meet up and  work together as a team to set up tables and chairs. They can also decorate their area with class slogans, colored ribbon or memorabilia to spotlight their class. All persons are welcome to participate as it really takes a team effort to get things ready! Please join in.

Golf Tourney

This early morning fun event is a great opportunity to get together with your best bud and crank out a round of golf at the illustrious Randall Hills Country Club in Pickstown. The event is a 9-hole best ball scramble meant to be fun for the pro or the novice. Don’t fret if you don’t have predetermined team! Singles, couples, pairs or triples will be matched up in teams of four to fill out the roster.

As the golf games wrap up and the fun ebbs, scorecards will be tallied and achievements recorded. Once the winners are determined, the reunion committee will make a presentation of (miniature) prestigious golf trophies to those outstanding teams.

Registration for the event is $25 per person and includes the Tournament Fee, Green Fees, morning coffee and a roll. Reserve your spot by navigating to the  Reunion Registration Page. You can also request a golf car by calling Randall Hills County Club at 605 487-7884 if you don’t already have one reserved. Don’t forget to give your team a classy, funny or ostentatious name just for the fun of it! Golf car fees will be charged the day of the event.

Pickstown Museum

This professional class museum was assembled by Corp workers and alumni of the Pickstown School who worked long hours and donated many time and dollars to preserve the glory days of Pickstown and the construction of Ft. Randall Dam.  During your visit, to can see many photos, mockups and memorabilia from the days gone by, all donated to the museum from those who lived it. It is definitely worth the time to stop in, visit, reminisce, and if you see fit, make a donation to support the upkeep and improvement of the museum.


As the reunion event nears, local Alumni gather at the school to help welcome guests, help to orient them to the events, and then distribute nametags and tee shirts. It can be chaotic, heart warming and interesting. Most of all, it’s a much appreciated effort by so many that volunteer their time in making the event happen.


This is a very special time in the history of the Lake Andes/Andes Central School District. For the first time since the consolidation of Lake Andes, Pickstown, and Ravinia back in the early 1970’s, the K -12 classes have been brought together in one big beautiful building. Staff members will be on hand to guide alumni through the building and show off the unique design features of this state-of-the-art learning facility. Please take time to take this tour, and at the very least, point out your photo in the class composites on display.


The social is a great time for the alumni to get oriented and reacquainted with their classmates. Each registration includes two free beverages of your choice from the Concession stand. As in past reunions, the Lake Andes Fire Department will be providing water, sodas, beer and mixed drinks for the entire evening event.


Each registration will also  include one meal ticket, likely punched by the ghost of Sally Koenig. The Wagner Food Center will be catering the evening meal with beef brisket, hash browns and all the necessary trimmings. Each class will have a table to gather at so the conversation can continue throughout the meal.

Photographer & Photo Booth

Darci Bultje, a local photographer, has been hired to navigate the event and photograph the best of the evening interactions. When the occasion presents itself and you see Darci aiming her camera your way, please take the time to turn and smile as Darci captures your image. Although formal group photos are not a scheduled part of the evening event, Darci will be available to capture your class in a coordinated group setting if the class so desires.

Music & Dance

Legacy Entertainment of Sioux Falls, SD, has been booked to provide music and the necessary inspiration to get people moving. Ron Bechen, owner, DJ and 1999 Graduate of Andes Central will be on hand to take requests, motivate the masses and guide the more inspired dancers to do everything from the Alligator to the YMCA! It’ll be a great time.

Like all things, the good times must end for the day.  When the clock strikes 1 am, the event security officers will herd all alumni to the door and shoo them into the night. With the event done for the day, we encourage all alumni to hit the hay and catch some Z’s.

Picnic in the Park

This our after-the-reunion reunion in the Lake Andes City Park along Lake Street. We encourage classmates to bring their family members to show off and join in a picnic of friendship and interaction. We encourage everyone to bring their favorite bag chair and cop a cool spot in the shade. This event is a great opportunity to exchange phone numbers, email addresses, show off your grandchildren or just hug your Bestie goodbye until you meet again.